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Energy Navigator specializes in capital and reserve asset management software for the oil and gas industry. Our software, expertise and support provide a better way for our clients to meet their business goals.


Automate your AFE process and improve capital cost management.


Fast and accurate forecasting, reporting and reserves management.


Expert technical support, training, 24/7 support site and an online user forum.


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Reliable Technology in SEC Reserves Reporting

Defining what meets SEC compliance for Reliable Technology in reserves reporting and why smart companies will take advantage of opportunities to develop or use it to increase reported reserves.

Quick Link: Free Val Nav Software for Unemployed Oil & Gas Professionals

Want to brush up your skills and boost your resume during the downturn? Request your free temporary license of Val Nav here.

What can a software company do to help companies – and people – through this downturn?

With the current downturn, we’re constantly thinking about what we can do to help this industry that we care so deeply about. How do we help our customers see their way through it? How do we help those who have been laid off as a result? What role do we have in ensuring our industry is equipped to see their way through low prices and are positioned for recovery?


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We've opened an office in Brisbane to further support our existing Australian oil and gas clients, as well as Canadian and U.S. companies operating internationally, particularly within the Asia-Pacific region.


Announcing free access to our industry-leading software, providing out-of-work oil and gas professionals the ability to improve their production forecasting, economic analysis and reserves management skills as they search for work.


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We're sharing our expertise at NAPE Summit, Feb 10-12

January 21, 2016

Visit booth 3847 at the NAPE Summit in Houston on Feb 11-12 to hear our experts deliver technical talks throughout the conference.