Frequently asked questions about AFE Nav.

New to AFE Nav

AFE Nav integrates with many systems. Common systems include:

  • Accounting systems such as: Excalibur, JDE, SAP and Qbyte
  • Wellview
  • Proprietary data such as any dataset in .xml or .csv
  • Document management systems such as: maps, PDFs, spreadsheets, invoices and other electronic documents

Yes, training is included. We offer complimentary training courses to industry professionals. Please see our training page for schedule and course descriptions.

Yes support is included. We believe that the key to any businesses success is having a knowledgeable team working with well-informed clients. Our mandate is to make your experience as a client as positive as possible. Our dedicated support and training team are available to answer your questions and address any concerns.

Please call or email our support professionals. You can also log on to our secure client area for other reference materials.

Yes upgrades are included with your support package. We strive to continually improve on our amazing products which means frequent upgrades for our clients.

Existing Users

The approver needs to contact their AFE administrator and ask them to assign a delegate to their approving position (Configure > Approval Positions). In the newest release of AFE Nav (version 7.5), administrators can assign an expiry date to the approval delegation.

Prior to version 7.5, users can configure their columns in the Open AFE dialog to display the well location entered on the General tab of the AFE. To configure your columns, right click in the Open AFE dialog and select Configure Columns. A user could also create a Custom Filter in the Open AFE dialog to filter for AFEs by their well location.

In version 7.5, there is now a “Quick Search” window in the main toolbar that will search on AFE number, description, well location and Outside AFE #.

As of version 7.3, an administrator can configure email reminders to be sent to reviewers and approvers after their review or approval has been outstanding for a certain period of time. Administrators can configure the length of the grace period that the review or approval can be pending as well as the frequency of the email reminders.

The following user types can make edits to an un-released AFE:

  • Owner
  • Administrator (with the "AFE Owner Actions" privilege)
  • Reviewers

Yes you can get a printout of Approval Rules. Go under the Configure Approval Rules menu and click ‘Print’ (a lot of users forget this because they are usually looking in the reporter for a report for this information)

You will need to remove the supplement, then revise and re-add the supplement afterwards.

By following the easy steps below you will be able to enter a new user into the system:

  • Add the User
  • Select Configure>Users
  • If User is to create AFEs, update user’s Create rights
  • Select Configure>User Rights>Edit Create Rights
  • If the user is to approve AFEs, add the user into an approving position Configure>Positions and Approvers