AFE Nav 2017

AFE Nav has always been the most efficient way to manage your AFEs and control capital spending. But AFE Nav 2017 pushes that efficiency factor up. Way, way up. We’ve added several new or enhanced features that help arm your approvers with the information they need, when they need it, to act more quickly and with less digging.

With AFE Nav 2017 you can:

  • Keep more people in the loop with real-time email notifications and summary reminders.

  • Search more easily and browse more intuitively to get the information you need more easily.

  • Configure your dashboard to see the information you need for quicker decision-making.

  • Keep better track of your estimates for long-term projects with improvements to estimates and cost forecasting.

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Custom Notifications and Reminder Emails

Do your approvers want to know more relevant details about an AFE or RTD before they log in to act on it? Do you have key stakeholders who want to be kept informed of the status of an AFE or RTD, but don’t need to be involved in the full approval chain?

  • Build new email notifications to ensure that all stakeholders are kept in the loop on AFEs that impact them.
  • Real-time alerts on updates to AFEs/RTDs, no matter your role in the workflow.
  • Fully customizable criteria for what triggers an alert, who receives it, and what’s included in the email.
  • Configure and schedule email summaries to inform people – even non-approvers - of the status of ongoing AFEs/RTDs.
  • Eliminate the extra work of manually running reports and emailing them to colleagues.

Enhanced Browsing & Configurable Dashboard

What if you could browse any AFE or RTD in your system – even if you’re not an approver on that document, but need to know its status in order to carry on with your job? AFE Nav 2017 makes it easier for all stakeholders to stay in the loop.

  • View detailed information, such as the AFE estimate, right from the Browse Screen.
  • Rename columns to suit internal reporting needs.
  • Take reports built on the Browse Screen and turn them into dashboard widgets.
  • Use Dashboard widgets for an immediate overview of overspent AFEs or AFEs due for approval.
  • Get a consistent view of the information that’s most important to you for quicker decision-making.

Estimates & Cost Forecasting

Enhanced Estimates functionality helps you keep better track of your estimates for long-term projects on a single AFE. Time periods and configurable project phases (e.g. pre-drilling, drilling, completion phases) can now be added to an AFE. This makes it possible to track spending incrementally as project phases are completed, so you can guard against overspending and better forecast total costs over the lifespan of the entire project AFE.