Get the most from your Energy Navigator software

At Energy Navigator, we want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to become efficient users of our products. We know that, the better you can use the product, the better you’ll be able to do your job and achieve favourable results for your company. And when you look good, we look good!

Our courses are designed for every level of user – from beginner to advanced. Within each course, we work very hard to foster an environment where ideas, tips and tricks are shared. We have our own dedicated training facility and our trainers know our products inside and out to give you the best advice on how to achieve the right results in the quickest way possible.

Where is the training held?

Courses are held in our training room (or your training facilities). Our office is located at First Alberta Place: 1200-777 8th Ave. SW Calgary, AB.

Is remote training available?

Remote training can be arranged for Val Nav courses. Arrangements must be made in advance, so please contact Energy Navigator Support by phone at 403-770-6070, or email