Val Nav 2016

Gain unprecedented efficiency in your workflows and more confidence in your data with Val Nav 2016. Get a more complete picture of your assets, with features that allow you to see the data you want, how you need to see it.

With Val Nav 2016 you can:

  • Manage all your relevant corporate reserves data in one easy view.
  • Configure views for all kinds of data areas and pivot them.
  • Build, update, and manage complex data structures.
  • Monitor peak license use with more efficient use of licenses.
  • Manage waterfloods better and more intuitively.
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Understand your Data with the new Data View

The new Data View makes Val Nav 2016 the best, most reliable way to manage and work with all your corporate reserves data. With Data View, you get all your relevant data in a single view for complete data validation, comprehension and discovery. Well info, custom fields, plant gas data, prices, op costs, interests, detailed declines – everything.

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  • Configure views for all kinds of data areas in Val Nav and pivot them.
  • Highlight relevant data with custom views and reduce noise when making decisions.
  • Perform targeted auditing to ensure your inputs are in the appropriate reserves categories.
  • Ensure inputs are consistent between wells.
  • Assist your workflow with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Edit errors in bulk.

Import more data with Spreadsheet Import

The new Spreadsheet Import feature of Val Nav 2016 lets engineers build, update and manage their data more easily than ever before. Quickly and easily import all of your well data into Val Nav. If you can get it into a spreadsheet; you can get it into Value Navigator.

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Depending on how often you have external updates, Spreadsheet Import can save you hours of work per month, per week, or even per day. It simplifies complex data structures to make the data easier to import, and more accurate as a result.

  • Prevent data gaps and errors caused by manual entry.
  • Quickly structure or pull in a new version of a database.
  • Bring in forecasts from other systems or custom-built spreadsheets
  • Map data such as cost updates or declines in bulk and import all at once.
  • Gain efficiency and accuracy without having to create your own scripts or potentially violate compliance.

Maximize Licenses

  • Gain insight into peak license periods for efficient license usage.
  • Run Val Nav without being connected to your corporate network, either remotely or even offline.
  • View current active licensing sessions and checked out licenses.
  • Configure how many checked out licenses to allow and the max duration of checkout.
  • Control what connections are allowed to a license and revoke access to those that aren’t.

Forecast Oil + Water

Val Nav 2016 brings you more flexibility in waterflood forecasting and more options when making engineering choices. Forecast Oil + Water as an alternate method to schedule water production and properly assess waterfloods, model pump capacity, and handle cases where there is a non-constant total fluid rate.