A powerful oil and gas economics engine to capitalize on opportunities

Our Economic Analysis tools are easy to learn and use, ensuring accuracy and consistency with minimal training.

User-friendly input

  • Create liquid production forecast from gas analysis
  • Adjust dates quickly
  • Expedite case creation using the spreadsheet like input screens.
  • Use the copy routines selected to input to other wells
  • Dynamic hierarchy

Versatile royalties, interests and incentives

  • Ensure accurate ISC royalty calculations
  • Create product-specific working interest option
  • Allow different working interests for capital, operating and facility costs
  • Evaluate A&D scenarios with the multi-company interest function
  • Input custom fiscal regimes
  • Specify pool and tract factors

Accurate results

  • Run before and after tax economics
  • Obtain access to updated price forecasts from four main Canadian evaluators available to clients

U.S. functionality

  • Load U.S. format production
  • Ad valorem enhancements
  • Multi-currency custom reports
  • Full after tax analysis for all states and federal regions

Canadian functionality

  • Load Canadian format production
  • Load CBM format production
  • Includes latest provincial and federal royalty incentives and taxes

International functionality

  • Custom regime editor can model most international regimes and PSAs
  • Extensive custom reporting capability for international models