Thorough and customizable reporting

Reporting in Val Nav is flexible and customizable to collate the results for various audiences and corporate requirements.

Over 100 reports available in the program

  • Customize the report tree
  • Run as batch or ‘on-the-fly’
  • Choose different reports for different hierarchy levels
  • Switch between SI and imperial as you view the report

Technical reports

  • Actual vs. forecast
  • Decline reports and graphs
  • Volumetric reports
  • Material balance reports
  • Production history reports

Economic reports

  • Summary
  • Yearly and monthly details
  • Before and after tax
  • Input reports

Reserves reports

  • Change record report
  • NI-51-101 tables

High-level reports

  • Hierarchy reports
  • Summary reports
  • Table of contents

Risk reports

  • Compare scenarios
  • Understand effect of Chance of Success (COS)

Powerful custom reporter

  • Summarize input and output
  • Filter and group
  • Reports on technical and economic output
  • Custom reports accessible ‘on-the-fly’ or in batch
  • Multi-currency custom reports

Various print options

  • Microsoft Excel
  • PDF
  • Remove scaling
  • Print graphs as text or pictures