Seamless integration with other enterprise systems

The open data architecture of AFE Nav allows linking of AFE (authorization for expenditure) information to other business processes. Seamless integration with other systems eliminates the need for redundant data entry and reduces the possibility for introducing errors.

AFE Nav can be used for AFE creation and approvals within a single company or across several partner companies. Our integrated approach means AFE Nav data can be integrated with:

  • Accounting software – whether Excalibur, JDE, SAP, Qbyte or others, AFE master data (such as AFE type, partner and working interest, estimate amount and AFE number) is sent to the accounting system to decrease redundant data entry and avoid errors.
  • Drilling and well management systems – such as Wellview.
  • Proprietary data – any dataset in a .xml or .csv (spreadsheet) format.
  • Document management systems – maps, pdfs, spreadsheets, invoices, other electronic documents.