Frequently asked questions about Val Nav.

Yes, training is included. We offer complimentary training courses to industry professionals. Please see our training page for schedule and course descriptions.

Yes support is included. We believe that the key to any businesses success is having a knowledgeable team working with well-informed clients. Our mandate is to make your experience as a client as positive as possible. Our dedicated support and training team are available to answer your questions and address any concerns.

Please call or email our support professionals. You can also log on to our secure client area for other reference materials.

Yes upgrades are included with your support package. We strive to continually improve on our amazing products which means frequent upgrades for our clients.

The install for Val Nav is quite simple and fast. Our Client Services team will email a link to you where you can download the software and a temporary license. The software is installed locally on the user’s computer using Microsoft Installer. The license is also easily activated. From that point the user can open Val Nav and begin using the system. Overall a user can be up and running within 1 hour from first receiving information from our Client Services team.

Exports of Val Nav data are easily created from the front-end of the application. Data is exported in XML format. This data is ready to be imported another Val Nav project (database) without any need for conversion or preparation.