Fast, accurate auto-forecasting

Forecasting with Val Nav is fast and versatile, allowing you more in-depth analysis of large data sets and trends in the data.

Intelligent and accurate auto-forecasting routine

  • Generate the best-fit (exponential, hyperbolic or harmonic) decline
  • Model multi-segment declines
  • Forecast high water-cut wells or portray rate acceleration
  • Build custom graphs

Material balance toolset

  • Quickly add or remove pressure tests and gas analyses
  • Load your own production data
  • Accurately correct for water production
  • Perform a P\Z analysis at either a well or pool level

Volumetric analysis

  • Utilize built in Archie equations
  • Calculate Z factor
  • Works with both oil and gas

Forecast groups

  • Easily link each well or group’s forecast to any of the three forecasting methods: decline, material balance or volumetric.

Flexible evaluations

  • Perform field or corporate level evaluations of initial production, ultimate reserves and decline type.

Incorporate statistical analysis

  • View cross plot report of log normal probabilities
  • Easily export Qi, EUR, etc.

Load & analyze daily data

  • Integrate forecast for better reserves estimates and earlier decision-making.