Here is what people have to say about Val Nav

McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd.

McDaniel and Associates specializes in geological studies, reserves evaluations, resource assessments, economic evaluations and petroleum engineering studies.

“We utilize a variety of evaluation products in our day to day operations, and Value Navigator plays a big part, allowing us to efficiently produce consistent and reliable evaluations.”

P. A. Welch, P.Eng.
President & Managing Director

Central Global Resources

Central Global Resources is an independent oil and gas producing and operating company with business concerns in the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Canada and The Netherlands. Central’s ability to identify, evaluate and selectively acquire minimal-risk producing properties with substantial upside has created persistent and profitable growth for nearly 25 years.

Central Global Resources has been using Val Nav since 2005 to make investment decisions, assess well economics and to test sensitivities on pricing and outcomes. They use Val Nav for project economics, acquisitions, devestments and reserves.

“I like the decline performance capabilities, especially on resource plays. It's much more efficient for updating wells and profiles, especially when you have a multi-segment performance profile.”

Shila Stronsmoe, P.Eng.
Senior Development and Operations Engineer

Rife Resources

Rife is a private exploration and production company, wholly-owned by the CN Pension Trust Funds, the pension fund for employees of the Canadian National Railway Company.

Rife has expertise in geology, geophysics, petroleum engineering, land administration, finance, audit and accounting. Their interests are in 600,000 gross acres of land in western Canada with focus areas of Lloydminster, Deep Basin, and Southeast Saskatchewan.

“The most important feature of Value Navigator is the client services team. They are responsive, effective and their depth of knowledge is readily apparent. They clearly understand our workflows and the industry. It is evident that they work as a team – if  there is an issue that one cannot immediately answer, they huddle up and arrive at the best solution together. I have asked around our organization and it is generally felt that the Val Nav Client Services team is a large part of what makes Energy Navigator a vendor of choice.”

Steve Meadows, Senior Engineer
Rife Resources